Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Today I woke up very content because the ZANZA STOP worked miracles last night. No bugs buzzing in my ear, only minimal itching, the Italian Farmacia once again has worked miracles. So I woke up got dressed and had a delicious breakfast consisting of yogurt with some cocoa crispies. Delicious as always, the yogurt here is some how so much tastier than in the states. After I ate breakfast I got my things ready to go and headed off to school... walking, because It is JUNE FIRST, so my bus pass expired, so no buses until Saturday for me when I have to lug my big huge heavy luggage to the SMN!

I arrived at school early because I obviously give myself enough time to not ever be late, and then I started getting anxious because after Italian we would have our Mauro presentations, and I am not very good at presenting, but after the presentation it meant I was done with Architecture, AND Photography, so 2/3 classes down, only Italian to go, not bad!

So, we had Italian class, having lots of fun retelling what we had done the previous day, all the while I was only mildly freaking out about the presentation. After class we decided to have one last go at Gusta Pizza, I had an ENORMOUS calzone filled with ricotta, prosciuto, and mushrooms, it was amazing and HUGE. We ate them up on the Eurocenter deck because it was beautiful out, and so we could looking over our presentations and make last minute changes.

As the bell chimed one, there was a fight over who would present first. I didn't want to get into the middle of it and cause a ruckus, so I just settled for whatever spot was handed to me. It would have been nice to go first and get it out of the way but it wasn't worth the effort they were making to get into the first spot. When Mauro entered the classroom, order was restored and we commenced presenting our projects. They were all very interesting, and I don't think mine turned out that badly which was nice. We ended up finishing the class at 4:20, longest class ever, but it didn't seem that bad. Mauro said his goodbyes to us and told us he enjoyed us as a group, we all shook his hand, then left Eurocenters sadly, knowing we probably wouldn't see Mauro and his awesomeness again.

I started to head home with Avery, Alex and Jackie, following Hannah and Alison to their favorite gelateria La Carraia, to accompany them while the indulged on their gelato. After they ate, our crew headed home, stopping at a supermarket to by some waters because we were extremely thirsty. We hung out in Piazza della Vittoria for a little while, then headed our own ways, I had a date to make some Tiramisu, and I wasn't about to miss it.

By 6:30 Claudia was back, she asked us what we would prefer for dinner, giving us about 5 different options (love that lady), and Sam and I picked left over eggplant (because I made it THAT good) and FARO! After we decided what we wanted to eat, she lead us in to the kitchen and began our second cooking lesson of the week. TIRAMISU!

4 eggs, 8 tablespoons of sugar, beat together until white and fluffly.
Add half a kg marscapone and mix.
Dip biscotti into espresso
layer bottom of bowl with biscotti, then the sugar and marscapone mix, add chocolate bits and repeat. On top layer add cocoa powder, refrigerate for a little then you have Tiramisu! A delicious one a matter of fact!

I don't really like tiramisu, and this one I loved!

We ate dinner, Faro and melanzane was delicious, and the tiramisu was an amazing addition, then we decided what we were going to do for the night. I decided to meet up with Acca at Medici at 9:30, Sam wanted to stay in. While at Medici, Jackie called me saying she wanted to go out. We planned to go to Be Bop where there was a Beatles cover band every tuesday night, so I convinced Acca to come out. We went back to his house to convince Avery to come out and then we met up with Jackie and walked in toward the Duomo.

We walked through Piazza SS Annunziata and there was a cool concert going on with a food stand so we sat there for a little until the band switched to some heavy metal not good music and we went on our way. We went to Be Bop while the Beatles were on a break so we decided to go walk around. Acca took us to the Library because there was a bar and sometimes music on their terrace on the third floor. Who would've thought I would spend my night having fun at a library? American libraries should definitely remodel to be like Italian ones because it was a lot of fun! Around 12 we got kicked out of the library because it was closing and we headed back home. We stopped into Be Bop, hot sweaty loud and crowded, and listened to a few of their songs. It was a lot of fun, just wish we could have gotten a table, after 4 or 5 songs we headed back home ready to go to bed and wake up at decent our to start studying for our Italian final.

Wednesday is a holiday so I am praying things are open so I can do a little gift shopping for people, FINGERS CROSSED!

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