Thursday, June 3, 2010



Can't believe I only have one day left in florence, it's just not fair! Flew by way too quickly!

Here are my top ten lists Benjamin made us do for class (things we miss about the US, things we like about italy) and that he read to everyone last night during dinner...

Top Ten Things I Miss
1. Family
2. Friends
3. Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes
4. Iced Coffee
5. Diving Boards, Diving (team)

Honestly can’t think of ten things I miss…

Bottom 5 things I don’t REALLY miss, but could miss at some point:

6. Ice
7. Friends Complete Season DVDs
8. My Volvo 240
9. ….
10. Things coming and leaving on time

Top 10 Firenze

1. Living in homestay with Claudia and Gabriele
2. Italian as a language
3. All food
4. Mercatos
5. Vino
6. Watching local Italians interact
7. Smell of Fornos
8. Looking at women’s high heels and wondering how they survive walking around the cobblestone streets.
9. Caravaggio
10. Churches

I won’t lie, there is nothing I don’t love about Italy, except the few rude people who I meet (who aren’t necessarily Italian all the time so its great!).


  1. Wow ... yes ... can't believe it's ending so soon. But you have a long life ahead of you which will be full of opportunities in Italy and beyond.

    We love you. See you soon!

  2. When I am in Italy I miss ice cold milk and rice krispies for breakfast. But not for a couple of weeks.