Friday, June 4, 2010


Last day here in Florence.

Woke up early to do a little studying for our final, and headed into school an hour early to finish studying and hang out because usually our class goes to class very early, so we studied and chatted up until we took our exam at 11:00. The test didn't seem too bad but I know I messed up a few things with the CI and NE pronouns. Professor Benjamin came into class and was introduced to our Italian Professor Francesca. Francesca surprised us with speaking perfect english, we were awestruck because she had always played dumb in class and said she new very minimal english so it was a shock to see her conversing very well with Professor Benjamin.

After the exam a few of us hung around Eurcenter for a little while then we went our own ways. Before leaving, the remaining few made a plan to meet at Naima at 10:00, so that we could say our final goodbyes. I left eurocenter with that meeting point in mind then went to get my last gustapanino, a piadina with pesto, crudo, pomodoro, rucola, mozzarella and provola. I took my piadina on the run and headed to SMN to buy my train ticket to Frosinone for Saturday.

After buying my ticket successfully, I walked back to Giovanni Fabbroni to do a little packing and to see what Samantha's travel plans were. Luckily she was able to change the ticket she had bought and now was able to leave at 8:40, instead of 5:00, so we had a little time to hang out and relax. We packed up the room and all of our stuff for the most part, went to buy Claudia some flowers and then went to get some sun in the Giardino di Orticoltura, because Claudia nor Gabri were home yet. We napped at the garden for a little while, Acca came, chatted for a while then around 3 when we were over heating we decided to head back so we could spend a little more time with Claudia and Gabri.

When we got back to the house Claudia and Gabri were both in hiding, so Samantha finished packing up and I just hung out watching things on my computer. Around 5:00, Claudia woke from her nap and asked us if we wanted to bake Biscotti al Prato, and of course we said YES.

We all went into the kitchen and began our third cooking lesson of the week. 500 grams of flour, 450 grams of sugar, a generous pinch of salt, stuff that makes it rise, 4 eggs and 1 egg yolk. Then half a kilo of chocolate chunks and almonds, YUM. We kneaded the dough with a lot of struggle, trying to get it as Claudia had wished. It was a difficult task but we finally completed it. We rolled the dough into a few logs and put them in the oven, the dough taste great, and smelt even better after it had been baking for a little while.

While the biscotti were baking, Claudia was out in the garden and noticed that their biggest turtle had started to dig a hole to lay its eggs. I went outside to see the turtle at work, it was truly fascinating watching the turtle use its hind legs to push the dirt out and create a hole. As that was happening the Biscotti were ready and Claudia took me in to give me a lesson on how to cut them. That didn't go so well... I didn't have the same strength as her to really get a good cut in, so she cut and I laid the pieces out on the cooling rack to cool.

It was nearing 7 and I had to meet the Gjestebys at Acqua al Due, a restaurant near the Bargello, and Sam wanted help getting her stuff on the bus and off the bus so we finished packing, put her things in the hall way and said our goodbyes to Gabri and Claudia. It was really sad actually, and I wasn't even leaving yet. Claudia said that Sam always had a room here in Florence and it was so cute, quite an emotion send off. She took a bag of biscotti Claudia had given us each to take home with us, told her not to eat them all before she got home and then we lugged her bags up the stairs and across the street to wait for the bus.

Getting on to the bus was a kick with all of her stuff and made me nervous about how the heck I was going to be able to do the same thing in the morning all alone! UH OHH.

So we took bus number 4 for the last time together, I left her at the Stazione to find Vishnu who she would be traveling with then I headed off toward the Bargello, Acqua al Due and my final dinner and night in Florence, AH!

Dinner at Acqua al Due was VERY good, the Gjestebys were so nice and we had a great time enjoying the many Assaggio Piatti which the restaurant was famous for. You could pick a Sampler from any category you would like and they would bring multiple small portions of their best that was on the menu and it was beyond good. After dinner we went to Naima at ten, the Gjestebys bought my a Japanese Tea, Janet, Anna and I drinking our unnatural colored green drinks together, we chatted and then slowly the group started trickling in. The Gjestebys left soon after, I thanked them a ton and then the group joined at Naima for the last time. It was sad but fun, I was tired so I stayed out just til 12 so I could wish Alison a Happy 21st Birthday, and then for the last time I walked back home to Giovanni Fabbroni with Acca, and said our final goodbyes. Who woulda thought it would be so sad! Especially since Acca is graduating next week, the rest of us can hang out next year at Union, but he isn't gonna be there :( LAME! Good thing he lives in Guilderland, so close!

So that was it, that was my last night, sad, sentimental, relaxing and fun.

Now I'm here waiting to leave Giovanni Fabbroni, Claudia is making me a Cappuccino :D and I am typing a way in my empty room, sad :( And anxious and nervous about lugging my TWO bags on and off the bus by myself... Its gonna be a trip!

Muto at 3:00, can't wait!! CI VEDIAMO DOPO FIRENZE!!!!


  1. Liuccia, The next adventure begins....

  2. Lia,
    We went to Acqua al Due in Florence and then in San Diego. It was the day that Italy won the world cup. Jujie decorated a plate that hangs in the restaurant.