Wednesday, June 2, 2010

T-3, Non posso crederlo!

How are there only three days remaining here in Florence? Its just not fair how fast time flies.

Today I had planned to do big things. First I had set my alarm for 7:00am because I wanted to go on a run before I met with people to study, but my alarm didn't go off so I didn't end up running. For breakfast I ate the leftover Faro that was left on the counter, I figured it was kinda like oatmeal for breakfast, it was delicious.

Plan of the day was to study for a little at Cafe Ricci in Santo Spirito then go to the supermarket to buy a picnic lunch to bring to the Cascine where we would relax, eat, study and have a great Italian Republic day. It wasn't we couldn't have our picnic because it was an Italian festa and nothing was open, we were pleasantly surprised with 95% of things being open, but unfortunately the sky was not on our side and a large thunderstorm rained on our picnic.

I had met Acca outside Santo Spirito because we wanted to get food from the Mangiatoia near school to bring to the Cascine. We went anyways while it was getting quite chilly and about to storm. The Mangiatoia was a great late term find. Pasta dishes, meat, cotornos, and fried zucchini flowers :o) Pasta dishes cost at most 3 euro, best place ever. Today I got a contorno of spinaci and 3 fiori di zucca, erano molto buono. As we walked out of the Mangiatoia in search of a hunk of pecorino, it started to thunder and lightning, THRILLING! We stopped a few stores down the way past Palazzo Pitti toward Ponte Vecchio and found a hunk of pecorino that shocked us with the price, but it was delicious, probably worth the few extra euro.

So we went to bring our goodies to the outdoor covered terrace of the Oblate library where we had had loads of fun the night before, but obviously it was closed. So instead we went back to the Stanghellini senior household, ate our food there and studied for a little while. After I got bored of studying we went on a Medici break with Jackie. I got a 70 cent gelato pallina, because I wasn't very hungary and I had always been intrigued by the many things inside the fridges at Medici. I got a Coffee flavored gelato ball encased in a dark chocolate case with chocolate chips on it. It was delicious!

After we ate our Medici we all went our separate ways to relax and studying in the comfort of our homes on a wonderfully rainy day. I'm a loser and went to go see if the COOP was open just because I wanted to walk around and marvel at it, but unfortunately supermarkets not in centro were chiuso for the holiday, so I ended up just heading back home.

I did homework for a while then we gathered at the dinner table for our final dinner. Sadly it wasn't anything grand or special, but it certainly was delicious. We had a delicious tomato soup that she described how she made but I have a terrible memory so I don't think I'm capable of replicating it. She also made a typical florentine salad called something that starts with a P and I can't remember. But I think I am capable of replicating that salad! Then we closed with the liquored batch of the Tiramisu which was just as delicious!

After dinner we retreated to our rooms, where I watched some Glee and am currently studying, hoping the oral exam goes VA BENE DOMANI. Penso che non sia troppo difficile, ma no lo so! Ci vediamo domani raggaziiiii!


  1. Was the P salad Panzanella??
    Be sure to take fotos of Claudia and Gabri and the front door of the house, etc.

  2. Lia, I am getting ready to bring Nonno to the aeroporto. He is so happy to come to meet you.
    I did not understand what goes on at the biblioteca so late at night?
    So many ricordi you have made!!! Zizilinda