Thursday, June 3, 2010


I woke up early today to do a little studying for our Italian final that we have at 11, but I forgot I didn't blog about yesterday, so I'm putting a hold on the studying and jumping into the details of yesterday.

So yesterday in Italian we had our conversation final which we all studied for pretty well. We each had a partner and had to talk about a topic for 5 to 10 minutes, and then we were done. Era molto facile. It was sad to leave Veronica, we really enjoyed her conversation class. After conversation we had our final review with Francesca for our grammar test (that I should be studying for right now), she encouraged us that we would do great and not to get too hung up on it or study too hard, so that reassured us all.

After class I went to Cafe Ricci for one last time with Alison and Hannah then headed back up to eurocenters to do a little studying. I headed back around 2:30, and mildly freaked out when we didn't have internet upon return because I still hadn't figured out how I was getting to Nonno's or anything involving meeting up with Toni etc. So, I took a nap instead of freaking out over it. When I woke up at 4, it still was not working, but the phone was ringing so that meant it didn't have to do specifically with ours, because we notice when the internet is down in the house, the phone line is completely dead as well, so we had a feeling everyone's Alice internet was not working properly. So to waste more time I went on a short run, and by the time I came back it was back on!

I took a shower and got ready to go out for our final dinner, studied a little more and skyped with my mom to figure out my departure plans for saturday. Decided on a departure time from SMN at 10:40, arriving in Frosinone at 1:55, Toni could go to the supermarket while waiting if I got there way after her. Plan settled.

Around 6:40 we headed out to the bus stop to go into town. Road the bus without a ticket, it was very nerve racking, but I made it to SMN without getting fined. It was weird because the bus had changed and it wasn't the normal style bus that usually is bus #4 so it was a weird ride into town. We ended up walking with Cassie and Alexa to Antico Noe Osteria, where we were 15 minutes early and they were still setting up. When we arrived Avery came up to us out of breath and said "Did you know they changed the reservation to 7:30?" It was hysterical, he had sprinted from picking up his girlfriend to the restaurant because he thought it started at 7:00, so he thought he was late, but in actuality he was quite early.

By 7:30 everyone was crowded outside in the archway except for Jackie and Cristi who were obviously late as usual. We sat down at our tables unaware of the mountains of food that were about to come. They served us a red and white wine, the best wines I have tasted over the duration of the trip. And they brought us iced cold water which they kept refilling, and then the food began pouring out.

Before the food came Benjamin started off the night by reading all of our top ten lists he had made us write for his class, it was interesting and fun to guess whose list was whose, and to see what was on it.

Now for the FOOD: First we started off with a delicious fresh Bruschetta, followed by numerous platters of meet, cheese, bread and foccacia. All delicious. For the main course we had a family style dish of fettucine with artichokes, DELICIOUS, and then a rigatoni with rabbit sauce. Also very good, but i preferred the carciofi. After the pasta dishes Roast beef was taken out, then finally an apple tart cake. The whole progression of food took about 3 hours, We were definitely in the restaurant from 7:30 to at least 10:30, and it was a great time! I would say a wonderful last dinner, although it would have been great if we could have all fit at the same table, but we were in close quarters and by the end, all the tables were mingling!

Great night, walked home, studied a little, computered, packed and the fell fast asleep before 12, and now I have to go do some more studying before walking to eurocenter for the last time :( CIAOOOOOOOOO!

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